Quality Policy

Quality management is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

Quality ensures that our operations are compliant with the current regulations and existing directives as well as with the highest standards of the industry in terms of safety and security.

Our quality policy:

  • Guarantees compliance with our reference guides
  • Corrects anomaly and use them as a way to improve our operations
  • Prevents non-compliance
  • Promote quality, safety and security as our top priority.

Our strategy is to:

  • Promote participative management, commitment and involvement of our employees
  • Implement necessary procedures and sufficient resources to guarantee the safety and compliance of our operations with current rules and regulation.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the procedures established
  • Make full use of the new communication technologies so as to spread information pertaining to safety and security within Equajet
  • Explore all pertinent sources of information and analyze processes so as to prevent non-compliance
  • Keep a permanent watch on best practices relating to quality, safety and security
  • Develop our quality system to support any regulatory change and integrate industry best practice
  • Provide all necessary resources to ensure the continuous improvement of our quality management

As the accountable manager, I am committed to:

  • Comply with EQUAJET quality manual
  • Provide the means required to put our quality manual into practice
  • Disseminate quality, security and safety policy within the managing branches
  • Make sure that this policy is fully understood by EQUAJET employees
  • Allow free access to EQUAJET aircraft and facility to any person authorized by the Authority, in accordance with the regulation in force
  • Develop employees buy-in into our quality policy