EQUAJET Safety & Security Policy

Safety and security are the EQUAJET’s core values; accident and unlawful act preventions, damage and injury repairs are key elements of these values. EQUAJET has a safety and security management system set up in compliance with both regulations and EQUAJET’s standards. The company manages and continuously improves safety and security to avoid risks.

EQUAJET management focuses on information sharing and encourages employees and co-workers to report every issue concerning safety and security.

We commit ourselves to promote a fair policy. In no event, a person who would have encountered a problem concerning safety and security, and who would report it to the company knows about it, can be punished.
However, Intentional harmful act, willful misconduct and/or repeated negligence, use of psychoactive substances, and sabotage are liable to prosecution.
None of our employees are urged to compromise safety standards to get the job done. We require a safe and secure environment for our employees and co-workers and we do what is necessary to implement this policy.

Our objective is to proactively manage risks, injuries and material damages. In this way, we constantly review potential dangers and find ways to avoid them thanks to both safety and security activities supervision, and an ongoing improvement.
We commit ourselves to set up safety and security objectives and to do our best effort to achieve them.

Safety and security ultimate responsibility relies on Company management. Increase safety in operations is under everybody responsibility, from the company management to employee. Each employee is in charge, in its area of competence, of the safety and security management system implementation, he must be sure that everything is done to prevent accidents and unlawful acts